职位月薪 0.9-1.5万/月 工作地点 上海-闵行区 发布日期 2021-06-11
工作性质 全职 工作经验 最低学历 本科
招聘人数 2人 职位类别 工业工程师    


1. Lean development project.

2. To make optimization and organization studies on the process or work post, which will contribute to the improvement of the industrial performance.

Key Qualities Required:

1. Production experience.

2. Lean experience (Green belt better).

3. Fluent on English speaking and writing.

4. Good on analysis and synthesis, Confidentiality, Independence of judgment, circumspective.

5. Good team work and communication skills.

6. Progress orientated.

7. High ability face to pressure.

8. Plus 3 years’ experience in relative field.

9. College graduation or above, major in Industrial engineering.

10. English is must, French speaking /writing will be an advantage.


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